A.L. Conner Elementary

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As a staff we are committed to understand the research on socio-emotional needs to guide our work with students and focus our efforts on increasing their time in the classroom and time on task in order to be academically engaged and successful learners.  Our approach of being proactive rather than reactive brings forth the importance of our work with PBIS and our collective efforts to improve in maintaining a positive, productive and accepting school climate.  It is imperative that we have a clear understanding of our PBIS tiers to support all students and to move forward with our daily tasks of providing every student the best academic opportunity
At the beginning of the year all staff was invited to complete a PBIS survey (see below).   The majority of the staff requested more and clear information on how to support students in tier II and tier III. Additionally, staff asked for more guidance on understanding reasons for behavior (avoid something or someone, gain attention, etc) and strategies to support students based on  those reasons.